Great for Office Meetings, Showers, Open Houses Etc. All the Sandwich Sensation Packages have choice of salads and include paper goods (plates, knives, forks and napkins) Condiments included.



Cocktail Sandwiches

Minimum 24 - $4.50 ea.

Miniature Rolls and Croissants filled with Select Cold Cuts and Salads arranged and garnished. (Salads Not Included in this Selection).

Finger Sandwiches

4 each - $7.50 per person

Delicate Triangles beautifully arranged on platters with an assortment of Cold Cuts and Salads (Tuna, Egg, Chicken) cut into quarters

Deli Sandwiches

Cut in ½ - $8.50 ea.

Hearty robust Deli style sandwiches stuffed with Cold Cuts and Tuna & Chicken salad. Prepared on Rye and Hard Rolls then arranged on a platter.

Mini Torpedoes

Cut in ½ - $7.50 ea.

Small sub sandwiches cleverly arranged on a platter with your choice of fillings.


$9.95 ea.

Giant croissants stuffed with Cold Cuts, Tuna and Chicken salad. Arranged on a platter and garnished.

Sloppy Joes

Cut in 1/3 $9.50

Huge Triple Decker sandwiches piled with Ham, Turkey and Roast Beef combinations with Coleslaw Russian dressing and Swiss cheese.

Assorted Wrap


Platter Delicious mix of plain and seasoned wraps stuffed with cold cuts and fresh salads!
All SANDWICH SENSATIONS come with your choice of salads. Choose 2 Homemade salads from the list below for up to 15 people. Choose 3 salads for 15 or more people. All salads are made fresh to order. 
  • Egg Potato
  • Ranch Potato
  • Macaroni
  • Tri-Color Pasta
  • Redskin Potato
  • Tomato, Cuce, Onion
  • Ranch Slaw
  • Vegetable Vinegarette
  • Coleslaw
  • Tossed Green
  • Pasta, Broccoli, Cheese
  • Caesar
Assorted Cheesecake Tray $2.50 / person Minimum 12
Mini-Swiss Butter Cookies $7.00 / lb Minimum 5lbs
Fresh Baked Assorted Cookie Tray $6.75 / Dozen. Minimum 3 dozen
Brownie Tray $1.50 ea. Minimum 12
Assorted Premium Cake Tray $2.50 ea. Minimum 12
Carrot Cake Squares $2.50 ea. Minimum 10
Assorted Dessert Squares $1.50 ea. Minimum 12
Soda available by can $1.25
2 liter bottle $2.95 ea.
Includes ice and cups  
Coffee Set-up  
35 Cup $25.00
50 Cup $40.00
100Cup $50.00
Includes Creamers, Sugar, Cups and Stirrers